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Our Sister Parish - Betioky Parish

In 2023, we established a new parish link with a sister parish in the Diocese of Toliara, Madagascar.

In the Name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, The Parish of Betioky and St. Ann's Church agree: 

❖That the key objectives of the Parish Link are 
     1. To pray for one another 
     2. To get to know people & places in the link parish 
     3. If possible, to support each other in mission & ministry 
     4. To facilitate these objectives via regular updates 
❖ To recognise and rejoice that they are blessed with a variety of complimentary gifts 
for equipping the Church 
❖ To recognize that neither is considered the 'donor' or the 'recipient'. They will be 
equal partners in Christ's mission. 
❖To establish a person in the parish to be the communicator. They will facilitate regular communication either through email, social media, or video call. 
To publish regular updates (usually monthly) in their church bulletins. 
❖ To pray for each other during the prayers of the people. 
To list the Parish as a partner on the church website and/or bulletin 
❖To have regular communication between the Rectors of both parishes via email, 
social media, or video call. 

We pray that God will bless this partnership; that the Holy Spirit will make it a channel of grace and peace in Jesus Christ; and that God will use it to make The Parish of Betioky and St. Ann's Church more effective in sharing the gospel, the Good News of Jesus Christ.